Special Interest Items:
JULY 14 LIBPA Meeting:
Jim Minor, Beaufort County Solid Waste Manager
Mr. Jim Minor has served as the Beaufort County Solid Waste Manager since 2002.  In the event of a hurricane or other disaster, he is the County’s manager responsible for clearing and disposal of debris.  His present duties include the operation of 12 collection facilities in Beaufort County and planning for handling the future waste stream of Beaufort County. Prior to assuming his present position he was appointed by the Governor to serve as the Berkeley County representative on the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority which was instrumental in the planning and directing of the reuse of the former Naval Base/Shipyard.   more info!

Please consider checking it out (here) and sharing your thoughts on this latest effort to promote our community along with any feedback on the listed articles.

Local Real Estate Market Trends:
To get at a glance how this year's local residential real estate market is faring in comparison to the past two years (visit here). Updated 16 June.

June Newsletter: This month’s newsletter, among other things, provides the status of efforts in the state legislature to improve the business license law, discusses what a passive park in Beaufort County should be, includes a letter of concern regarding local forestry operations and provides an answer as to why local officials are prohibited from acting on forestry operations, starts the discussion as to which Lady’s Island projects should be in the next 1% sales tax referendum and Realtor Everett Ballenger reports on the average amount of time it took to sell a house last year in northern Beaufort County. Read here.

If you live on Lady’s Island, work on Lady’s Island or have an interest in the future of Lady’s Island, please consider becoming a member of LIBPA. Your new members fee ($45) covers your dues for all of 2015  For more details visit here.

LIBPA Outlying Field Resolution:
In response to a request by members of the Lady's Island community the LIBPA Board of Directors, following an in-depth study of the subject, did pass a resolution in support of construction of an outlying airfield for MCAS Beaufort. read here.

New 2015 Members:
Steven Tully with White Hall Park, Ben Duncan with Century Link, Independence Day Publishing/Beaufort Lifestyle, Kimberly Taylor with BBC Celadon, George Johnston with Beaufort County Planning Commission,
James and Michele Duncan, Residents

Crystal Lake:
View the latest status of the Crystal Lake Park Project. The South Carolina Forestry Commission, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Beaufort County have developed a Community Forestry Management Plan as part of the long range development of Crystal Lake as a passive park. The draft of this plan is available for review.  here

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