Special Interest Items:
Fully appreciating the fact that the upcoming holiday season is a very busy time for our members and their families the Lady’s Island Business and Professional Association has attempted to not add another commitment to already overloaded schedules by holding our annual party in October and not having a monthly members’ meeting in December. To all of our members and their families we extend our best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season, thank you for your support this year and look forward to working with you in the upcoming new year.

Please consider checking it out (here) and sharing your thoughts on this latest effort to promote our community along with any feedback on the listed articles.

Local Real Estate Market Trends:
To get at a glance how this year's local residential real estate market is faring in comparison to the past two years (visit here). Updated 17 November.

F-35B Sound Study:
he F-35B aircraft has arrived at MCAS Beaufort and training of the first class of pilots to fly the plane is in process.  The Marine Corps has completed a study of the noise impact of this new aircraft and provided an executive summary of the results which can be viewed at

December Newsletter: This month’s newsletter, among other things, provides a look at where new homes have been authorized for construction on Lady's Island, reviews the agreement guiding the development of Cane Island and the Airport Junction property, discusses the decline in the number of voters during the recent general election, explains some of the problems being encountered in paving county dirt roads and Everett Ballenger provides a picture of the new housing market. Read here.

If you live on Lady’s Island, work on Lady’s Island or have an interest in the future of Lady’s Island, please consider becoming a member of LIBPA. Your new members fee ($45) covers your dues for remainder of 2014 and all of 2015  For more details visit here.

New 2014 Members: George Johnston, District 2 Planning Commission Representative, Michael Sinisko, Lady's Island Country Club, Bob Semmler, Director MCAS Star Base Program, Alice Howard, Resident,Kenneth W. Joy of Liberty Business Service,
April Applebee with Corriveau Insurance Agency, Rev. Dr. John Dortch Circle Of Hope Ministries

Crystal Lake:
View the latest status of the Crystal Lake Park Project. The South Carolina Forestry Commission, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Beaufort County have developed a Community Forestry Management Plan as part of the long range development of Crystal Lake as a passive park. The draft of this plan is available for review.  here

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